What Americans Need to Know Before Visiting Canada

America and Canada are separated by one border, hence they both have quite a lot of similarities. The citizens of both the countries keep visiting each other quite often. These both countries are related historically as well as geographically. However, Americans that are visiting Canada should be well aware of a few things that are mentioned here:

1) Valid driving license

If you are driver and are worried about the validity of your driving license, you need to take a sigh of relief. Your American driver’s license is completely valid even in Canada. Also, you can use it whenever you want to ride the vehicle you are authorized to get your hands on.

2) Keep other currencies

There are numerous places in Canada where the currency of the United States of America is not accepted. For that matter, you will have to keep with you some amount in the form of Canadian currency. This will keep you away from all kinds of mis happenings.

3) The entry restrictions

Though it is considered to be quite an easy process to travel from America to Canada, it is really not that straight forward. Even though both the countries share the same border, a lot of people are denied access. People with criminal records and drug addiction cases are not allowed to move past that border.

4) Change in health insurance

The insurance that you got in America is valid there only. For Canada, you will need a new one, which will make you eligible to get the health insurance benefits easily. This change needs to be dealt with way before entering the Canadian borders.

5) Drinking legality

If you are worried about being eligible or not to drink booze, you need to know about the age restrictions. Only people below eighteen are denied drinking alcohol.

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