The Best Online Games For Girls in 2021

When discussing the world of gaming, it often seems like girls tend to be left out of the picture. Looking at things critically, over the past few decades, the majority of games that have been released in the mainstream all seem to heavily feature themes or components that make it just more suited for males to play than it does females.

Of course, regardless of how gory or intense the game might appear to be, there have always been a few females who have been ready to through caution to the wind and not just play these games but also play it to the highest level possible.

Still though, no one would contest the statement that by and large, online games still leaves females out of the spotlight. But that is until now!

In recent times, this disparity has been more heavily accentuated and it has compelled more than a few online game developers to review their stance where this matter is concerned. As such, with an increasing frequency, it has become easier and easier to find more games that appeal on various levels to girls. That being said, just the same way that many games are better suited for males above a particular age, so are a lot of these games more appropriate for girls of a certain age.

If your kids are still relatively younger, then it might not be a bad idea to get girls games 9-11 years old will find not just entertaining and engaging, but also rewarding. The benefit of taking the effort to do this is that in the end, you are assured that your ward is exposed to content that is actually adding value to their lives in one capacity or the other.

That said, finding this games will readily pose a bit of a challenge to you if you don’t really know much about gaming or you’ve been out of that space for a while. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of games that fall in this category you can start with. Here they are:

Fashionista Maldives (No Download Needed)

This is a classic example of great girls games 9-11 years old kids will thank you for getting them. Why? Because it will give them that much needed first glimpse into the adult world they would have slowly started yearning for. The good thing about this is that the content is cool and engaging for the children, helping them to develop a great sense of fashion along the way!

Candy Crush Saga (Download Needed)

Even adults will have a fun time playing this game. It enhances your wards’ problem-solving skills and can serve as a perfect means of bonding as you can both play the game and have a great time figuring out the puzzles it brings you as a team.

Farmville 2 (No Download Needed)

Its predecessor was a ton of fun and Farmville 2 certainly ramps up the excitement. There are various activities you can try out as it tracks everyday life on a farm, basically. The concept is cool refreshing and might even teach your child a thing or two!

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