How to Delete Meetme Account with Facebook

Social media applications can be addictive. People start using them to get rid of boredom and make new friends. However, in no time, they get addicted to it and can’t stay away from them. In such a situation, the only option left is to deactivate your accounts on them and move on to other things in life. The same thing happens when one makes his account on Meetme. As it is extremely interesting, one may never be able to leave it. However, if you are committed, you can delete your Meetma account with Facebook quite easily.

The steps to follow

In order to delete your Meetma account with Facebook, you have to follow a few simple steps. These steps are really simple and start off by using your mobile to open the official website. If you use it through the application, open it. Rather than opting for the option of logging in with email, choose the log in through Facebook. To log in with Facebook, you will need your Facebook account and its password. Entering them in the required spaces will take you to your account. Now you have to choose the option ‘settings’ which will take you to the option ‘account’. From here onwards, you will see a few other options and select ‘deactivate’.

The final email

Before finally deactivating the account, the application will ask for your confirmation with a question. Hitting the option ‘yes’ would deactivate your account instantly. However, don’t worry as this whole procedure will delete only your account on Meetme and not the one on Facebook. Alongside this, if you want to reactivate it ever again, you can do this through Facebook by entering your username and password.

Deleting the account on Meetma is possible even without logging into the Facebook account. That, however, would be the direct process of deactivation.

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